Super Music Record!

by Nervous In A Cape

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released January 1, 2010

All words and music by Abe (aged 22), aided & abetted by The Misspells.
Recorded during Tile Kiln Lane house sitting (Dec 2010)



all rights reserved


Nervous In A Cape London, UK

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Track Name: Super Street!
Welcome to Super Street.

Welcome to Super Street.

Welcome to Super Street.

Where all the superheroes meet.

It's pretty neat here on Super Street,
It's all right,
we move our feet,
In time with the beat.

Welcome to Super Street,
You gotta wear you're underwear on the outside here…
Track Name: Captain America Has Lost His Silver Boots
Oh NO!

What's That I hear you say?
Captain America's gone away.

He's lost his pair of lucky silver boots,

Without them,
He'll have to wear his red ones,
And they're six sizes to small.

He will not feel awfully cool.

HOW can you fight fascism with shoes that are too small, Ma?
Track Name: Song In The Key Of Girl
This is a song in the key of girls…

Girl, oh girl,
Girl, oh girl oh girl oh girl
Oh girl,
This is a song for a girl.

Girl I think you're pretty.
Girl you're pretty
oh girl oh girl
oh girl oh girl, oh girl

Track Name: Little Drunks
Man with a gun I'm scared of you,
Pretty girls I'm scared of you,
Oh world I'm afraid of you.

Sometimes people ask,
"What are you scared of"

Im scared of a MAN with guns,
and I'm scared of pretty girls,
and I'm scared of children,

They're just like little drunks.
Track Name: Insecurities
At a wee gathering, just the other day.
Feeling awful quiet, not a word would I say.

I took off my happy hat,
put on my insecurities.
Other people looked at me.

They started feeling sorry for me,
Started talking up to me.
Talking down to me,
talking around me, all about me.

Took all of my insecurities,
tucked them in my pocket,
put them in a locket.
Started feeling a bit better.

Started talking like i had all the answers,
looked up, saw a glance of her.
I said hey.

She said hey,

I liked you better when you had your insecurities abe.

I said bye.

I put on my cape,
I jumped awfully high,
I started to fly.

Straight out of the window
did I go.

Sometimes its hard feeling sociable,
when you know you gotta go save the world.

Well that's my excuse anyway.
Track Name: Rules of Attraction
"she say's things"

I don't really wanna wear a bag on my head,
But romance is hard.
Track Name: Welcome Back To Super Street
Hey, welcome back to Super Street!
Welcome back!

I just found out something amazing from the Captain…

Apparently, while cute girls are hot.
Whiney egotistical comic nerds are not!

Why did no one tell me that
before art school???
Track Name: Crippling Insecurity Theme (Demo)
Well, I haven't written much,
my pens all out of ink.
I left my heart a' bleeding
on the kitchen sink.
My education was for free,
but theres still some things I haven't learned.
Proved to be quite costly.

And sometimes I wish I could curl my toes skyward,
But I know my thinkings always been backward,
I should have put my underwear,
underneath my trousers.
No spandex.

And now my heart does plummet back to Earth and such,
never found the words to express as well as touch,
But touching is so cold,
I'm not so bold.

I'm just lying,
Lying with my song,
lying with these words,
Lying all day long.
Its what we seem to do the best.
We forget all the rest,
All the truth and such like.

It cuts like a knife.

Well I'm sorry If my words seem confused,
but my brain, my heart and soul,
they've all been used.
Perhaps this is all overstatement,
yes I think it's true.

Have I been lying like a super villain?
Maybe its just my crippling insecurities,
have come out, taken a hold of me,

My arch-nemesis, is called Crippling Insecurity.
Track Name: Tail O' Tails
"Oh I did have a really weird dream the other night"

Do you dream about,
how fox's tails,
leave trails in the snow,
after the rabbits the go,
its all they know.

Marie Je t'aime,
they say romance is truly lame,
but its all I know,
my tail leaves a trail in the snow.

"But I cant remember it"
Track Name: Sheer As A Cliff To The Left Of Anarchy
All the heroes go,
they left us alone.
They buried us under snow.

Does anybody know,
where'd the heroes go?

Can you show me, I want to find the heroes again.
I cant believe they're gone, I thought they were our friends…

But look
whats that, can you see?
If you look over the hill.
Do you see what I see?

Its just a flash of red,
a cape,
and underwear worn inside out,
Hey cap!
Im gonna shout.

Hey cap, come back.
Don't leave us all alone,
we've got so many problems of our own,
we got, all the ism's man.
ALL the isms,
cant we do, without some of the isms man?

I'll tell you what he said to me,

"You're as sheer as a cliff face to the left of anarchy"
Track Name: Wondering Woman
Penelope, Penelope,
Penelope, Penelope.

Penelope, do you ever think of me,.
what do you wonder about,
do you ever wonder about me,
like I wonder about you.
I wonder about you, Penelope

Penelope, do you ever wonder about me.
Like I wonder about you?

Probably not.


do you ever think about me?
Do you think about me Audrey?

Audrey, Audrey, Audrey
Do you ever, ever think about me,
I guess not, but I think about you Audrey,

Oh yes indeed,
I think about you sometimes,

Does she got a tattoo?

I wonder about you.

Just like I wonder about wonder woman too.
Track Name: Complaint!
Everybody likes a clean house right?

"She says things"

Then I respond, superheroes are hard to live with.
Track Name: Yeah I Can Fly
Yeah I can fly,
but flying gets old, y'know

Yeah I can fly,
but flying gets old,

Sure I can fly, but

I kinda prefer to walk.
Track Name: Tale O' Tails (Electric Demo)
Sometimes I dream of interesting things,
and sometimes I don't.

And if regular people dream of being superheroes,
then, just what do superheroes dream about?

Some people say its Catwoman.

Do you dream about,
how fox's tails,
leave trails in the snow,

after the rabbits the go,
its all they know.

Marie Je t'aime,
they say romance is truly lame,
but its all I know,
my tail leaves a trail in the snow.
Track Name: Exit Super Street!
Hey, its time to leave Super Street now,
once you're grown up you cant come back.

Take off the mask, and
take off the boots,

Take off that cape,
an c'mon man! stop wearing your underwear on the outside!
you look like a fool!

You're all grown up, you cant be here anymore,
theres no way back,
c'mon go.