Abe Meets The Ego Monster!

by Abe & The Misspells

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Romantic Trifles, and Fantastic Tales. Captain Heroic and Crippling Insecurity Return, joined by the Eternal Wrestler and Mystery Girl! ... Abe meets the Ego Monster!


released June 13, 2011

All tracks recorded et al by Abe & The Misspells. Album Art by Abe aged 23



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Nervous In A Cape London, UK

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Track Name: I Never Saw That!
Did you ever see a princess,
Stop being pretty?

Did you ever see a hero,
Fail to save the city?

Did you ever see a fish,
Wouldn't swim in the sea?

Did you ever see me?
No you never saw me.

etc. etc. etc.
Track Name: What Do You Know About Love Captain?
Well, what do you KNOW about LOVE Captain America?
Track Name: A Weekend In Despair
I saw a fair maiden,
Asked her where she's headed,
Said she'd planned a weekend in despair,
I said it's all rather overrated there.

I used to be a holiday rep.
Track Name: This Girl From Outer Space
"And landed in my back yard,

Pretty and had a big smile"

She says things.

But I didn't understand

etc etc etc.
Track Name: Giggalo Internship
I Thought I'd work as a part-time Giggalo,
But my sex-appeal is fairly low,

I catered for either, either, or...
But neither seemed to want me more...
Track Name: Abe And The Ego Monster Say Hello
Ego monster Hello,

How Are you...
Track Name: Story of a Romance
Well once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman,
Beautiful woman....
Track Name: Nervous In A Cape
I was patrolling the city one night,
Dressed in my cape...

I saw a pretty girl,

I ran away... and things....
Track Name: The Strongest One (Bass Power)
I used to Think,

I was the strongest one of all,

Until I took me a great big fall...
Track Name: Things That Carla Does (Demo)
Carla is Figting Docter Doom...

Carla is kissing Captain America...

Carla is Reading a book...

And I, I, love that girl!
Track Name: Not a Good Day/ Quite a Good Day (Demo)
Not a good day... Quite a good day...